Oklahoma businesses cannot compete without skilled workers who are trained on the latest technologies and ready for work. This is one of the greatest challenges facing our state and our nation today.

With 58 campuses and facilities across the state, CareerTech is part of our affordable public educational system, training workers for all kinds of industries. Oklahoma CareerTech students keep our companies, our hospitals and our communities running.

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What It Takes: ASIC
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What It Takes: Head Country
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What It Takes: Duncan Regional Hospital
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Why do so many Oklahomans support CareerTech’s programming and Business and Industry Services? The results speak for themselves.

CareerTech By The Numbers

In 2016 alone, more than half a million Oklahomans were taught and trained in our statewide CareerTech System. More than 94 percent of them went on to complete additional training or assume professional roles.

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Oklahoma companies have increased sales, improved productivity, reduced costs and expanded operations through strategic partnerships with CareerTech Business and Industry Services.
The value of annual contracts procured by Oklahoma companies through CareerTech's Bid Assistance Network.
The number of enrollments in CareerTech programs statewide. With students gaining skills for immediate employment or earning professional credentials in health care, robotics, graphic design, pre-engineering, masonry, welding, fabrication, and other careers.
The net benefit Oklahoma CareerTech graduates add to the state's economy annually.

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The CareerTech System includes 29 tech center districts with 58 campuses across Oklahoma, each specializing in technology education and career readiness training for tomorrow’s workforce.