Make-believe inspires

Big Futures

From playing teacher to playing chef, there’s a spot for the pretend nurse, firefighter, fashion designer – you name it – in our real world, too. And there’s a way to not just dream big, but make it a reality.

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When you’re small, you think big. Why should that change?

In this Super Bowl spot, we show that the make-believe we do as children can transform into real-life careers as adults. It doesn’t have to be left behind. Nothing should stop childhood dreaming from being a part of adulthood, every day – because it’s never too late to turn big dreams into reality.

Whether it’s solving problems with your hands – or saving a life.

By featuring kids doing what they do best – playing and using unrestrained imagination – we were able to showcase just a few of the thousands of career paths possible by hands-on training at CareerTech. 

Race car technician class may not be a real thing, but learning superior automotive skills for the child race car driver version of you? Totally real.

There’s no better time to strive, than right now. Because great careers aren’t make-believe. They’re possible here. And that’s a message we thought was worth sharing to as many people across the state of Oklahoma and beyond.

Chat with the Cast

On set, we got to know our cast (big and small) and learned about their big dreams.

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